Start A Soup Guild Manual

Start A Soup Guild Manual

Based on DCTRL Soup Guild for Hacker Spaces

A successful guild requires a commitment from members to pull together for the common good:

“Hippie Soups is AO Commons and Community Outreach.”

Using the free DCTRL AO will help keep your Soup Guild organized. The AO is a lightning payment that enables members to contribute their ideas and to facilitate common ground towards a desired outcome.

Step 1: Write a card about the Soup Guild in the AO.

Step 2: Lead member accepts the Soup Guild card in the AO.

Step 3: Lead members assigns tasks to other members to further the DCTRL Soup Guild in the AO.

Step 4: Other members accept the AO card for tasks.

Step 5: Members of the DCTRL Soup Guild produce Hippie Soups fresh frozen and stored at the DCTRL freezer.

Step 6: Each DCTRL Soup Guild member contributing Hippie Soups receives points in their AO account.

Step 7: Each member’s points in the AO account can be used towards  their membership fees. Excess points can be stored in their AO account.

The AO is similar to a barter exchange that helps members share their skills, talents and products, with minimal  or no fiat currencies.

What is the AO? 

The AO is Autonomous Organization. It is open source web application and server for replicating community commons. The AO generates a commons wallet and is an open-source web application which governs crypto lightning micropayments.

What is DCTRL? 

DCTRL is community commons with a non-hierarchical shared leadership structure to maintain a unique autonomous event space and ‘clubhouse’ in the middle of Vancouver city. By splitting the rent and voting on activities, decisions, and ‘spends’ from our commons wallet, we are able to share resources and equipment with a diverse and exciting group of friends!

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