Hippie Soups is a Vancouver Community-based  Project

Join SOUPer Vegan Hippie Soups Revolution Supported on AO Crypto Lightning Payments at Hacker Spaces for Social Good

One that will transform health and wellness at the community level. Starting at DCTRL Vancouver, the DCTRL Soup Guild for Hippie Soups, “fresh frozen” home-cooked with delicious veggies, plant-based protein and tasty spices.

At $4 per soup, Hippie Soups will help members adopt a healthier diet. Participating members make soups from their homes and package them for the DCTRL freezer. These soups also enable members to spread the AO technology from hacker space to hacker space, and beyond at community food markets in Vancouver, BC with SOUPer Vegan Hippie Soups!

The DCTRL Soup Guild is located at DCTRL (436 West Pender Street). DCTRL has an AO (web application) which governs crypto lightning micropayments to enable communities to do social good at community centres, neighbourhood houses, social clubs and community food markets in East Vancouver.

“Hippie Soups is AO Commons and Community Outreach.”

Join SOUPer Vegan Hippie Soups Revolution! 


How Hippie Soups Operates

Why Choose Hippie Soups? 

Hippie Soups started as a solution to address the “food deserts” in Vancouver. Several DCTRL members formed the Soup Guild for home-made soups to help fellow blockchain developers / blockchain consultants with limited accessibility to fresh healthy foods at Hacker Spaces in Vancouver.

Hippie Soups is a card on the DCTRL AO, a lightning payment which is a second layer protocol operating on top of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. The AO enables fast transactions between participating nodes and is a solution to the crypto scalability problem. It is a peer-to-peer system for making micropayments of cryptocurrency through a network of bidirectional payment channels without delegating custody of funds.

The AO tracks the bounty points for each Soup Guild member’s Hippie Soups and credits them towards DCTRL Hacker Space monthly membership fees. This is similar to a barter exchange that helps members share their skills, talents and products, with minimal  or no fiat currencies.

Hippie Soups Instructions

Hippie soups are all vegan with no animal by products and “fresh frozen”. To serve, thaw out Hippie Soup. Add 1/2 cup water or broth and the unthawed Hippie Soup to a small sauce pan. Heat at medium until hot, but not boiling. Remove from stove, pour into a bowl. Serve with toppings and fresh bread.

Warning: Ensure lid is not completely closed shut if soup is microwaved in a container. 


DCTRL Media Interviews

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Join SOUPer Vegan Hippie Soups Revolution! 

You’ll get notices on fresh batches of home-made Hippie Soups from the DCTRL Soup Guild, available at Vancouver hacker spaces and / or community food markets.

DCTRL Soup Guild: 436 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T5